Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Skehanagh

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting, filtering and storing of rainwater for domestic, commercial or industrial use in Skehanagh. It is an important water conservation method, which makes use of rainwater that would otherwise flow through gutters into sewers and drains in Skehanagh.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Skehanagh

In a typical Skehanagh home, water used for flushing toilets, watering gardens, washing cars and laundry accounts for up to 54% of usage and can be harvested from rain. This provides huge savings in terms of water bills, while conserving precious water resources.

Rainwater harvesting has several benefits including:

•Conserves groundwater
•Reduces flooding and soil erosion
•It is free and saves water bills
•Provides sufficient water for irrigation and other large scale requirements
•Contains no chemicals

Premier Tanks is a leading supplier of rainwater harvesting systems in Skehanagh to suit all types of requirements. They are made from high quality 100% virgin resin and glass, and do not contain chalk fillers which weaken the structure.

What makes Premier Tanks perfect for my needs in Skehanagh?

•Tough, durable and long lasting
•Have a heavy duty shell for protection in all ground conditions
•Rust and corrosion free for clean water
•Resistant to temperature fluctuations, impact and shock
•Fitted with pressure sensitive, dry run protected pumps for constant pressure
•Automatic shut-off when no water is detected or required
•Require little maintenance or repairs, saving you money
•Integral lifting eyes for ease of installation
•Keying-in lip to anchor tank into concrete or pea-shingle
•Optional Elite indicator to display tank water level
•Self-cleaning and easily accessible filter

Rainwater harvesting systems specifications

Premier Tanks supplies rainwater harvesting systems in two configurations

•MR 1Rain Cell for outdoor use only with tank sizes between 1,100L to 12000L
•MR 2 Rain Cell for home and garden with tank sizes from 2800L to 20000L


•Flat bottomed Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks fitted with seals, manhole covers and lifting eyes
•3p automatic top-up controller
•Floating intake
•Inline filter
•Stainless steel pump
•Calmed inlet


•110mm pipe diameter
•500mm inlet invert
•300mm outlet invert

Premier Tanks rainwater harvesting systems are available in shallow options, for use in Skehanagh areas with a high water table or hard rock. This allows installation without the need to dig a deep hole for the tank, which is impractical under such conditions.

Our rainwater systems are designed for 50 year life span, and come with a 25 year guarantee. They conform to British Standards and ISO certifications, and meet all building and environmental regulations.

We stock every system in high levels to ensure we can meet any domestic, commercial or industrial demand. We can also supply any product within days from our extensive distribution network all over the country. Our highly trained team additionally provides excellent customer and technical support. Call us today for further technical specifications on our rainwater harvesting systems, or place your order conveniently via telephone.