Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in East Yorkshire

Water conservation efforts are greatly enhanced through harvesting of East Yorkshire rainwater. It can be done on a domestic, commercial or industrial level and help to meet the rapidly increasing needs of expanding cities. Homes in East Yorkshire rural areas with inadequate piped water can also benefit from rainwater harvesting. Most homes in East Yorkshire can use rainwater to meet more than 50% of their water requirements.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in East Yorkshire

This practice consists of collecting, storing and using rain water for a variety of uses including:

•Washing clothes and cars
•Watering the garden
•Large scale commercial irrigation
•Flushing toilets

Rainwater harvesting in East Yorkshire has several benefits, most especially conserving precious underground water and cutting on water bills. It also prevents excessive run-off into drains and sewers, which can cause flooding and soil erosion after heavy rains. Rain water is free and does not contain chemicals, making it ideal for irrigation and domestic cleaning needs.

Premier Tanks is a high quality supplier of rainwater harvesting tanks in East Yorkshire, which are made from durable resin and glass. This makes them tough, easy to install and maintain, in contrast to expensive steel and concrete tanks.

Benefits of Premier Tanks rainwater harvesting tanks in East Yorkshire

•Made from 100% virgin resin with no chalk fillers for maximum strength
•Tough, durable and extremely long lasting
•Resistant to high and low temperatures
•Do not break or crack easily
•Keying-lip and lifting eyes for easy anchoring to concrete
•Heavy duty protective shell for greater toughness
•Shallow options available for use in areas with hard rock conditions or high water table
•Flat bottomed tanks for stable anchoring and stability
•Self-cleaning filter that is easily accessible

Rainwater harvesting tanks specifications

Premier Tanks supply rainwater harvesting tanks in different dimensions and specifications to suit all domestic, commercial and industrial uses in East Yorkshire. We supply rain water tanks for both indoor and outdoor use. They all come with the following specifications:

Inlet/invert dimensions:

•110 mm inlet diameter
•500mm inlet invert distance
•110mm overflow diameter
•562mm overflow invert distance

Rainwater tank sizes:

These range from as low as 1,100L for domestic use, and up to a maximum of 20000L for large scale commercial and industrial use in East Yorkshire. They include tanks of the following dimensions:

•1500L, 1600 x 1332 x1575 mm
•2800L, 1870 x 2280 mm
•3800L, 2075 x 2500 mm
•4500L, 2196 x 2600 mm
•6000L, 2950mm x 1900 x 2400 mm

Premier Tanks rainwater harvesting tanks are certified according to BS8515 Rain Water Harvesting Code of Practice and Building Regulations Parts G and H. They also conform to environmental regulations including The Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

We can meet any size of commercial or industrial order to East Yorkshire directly from stock, and deliver within days through our extensive distribution network. We also provide excellent technical support to all our customers. Call us today on 0333 121 1216 for more product information or to place your order.