Pumping Stations in Glenboy

Low lying domestic, commercial and industrial developments in Glenboy may require Pumping Stations to raise wastewater, sewerage, effluent and dirty water. The pumps lift the wastewater from low elevations to higher ground, to facilitate normal gravity flow towards a sewerage treatment plant in Glenboy.

Pumping Stations in Glenboy

Pumping Stations are mostly needed when:

•The terrain and minimum sewer grades create expensive deep sewers
•The discharge outlets are below the level of the receiving ground or water body
•The building’s basement is too low to discharge wastewater by gravity to the mains
•Sewage has to be raised to get head for a gravity flow to mains or treatment plant
•Low lying construction sites or land require drainage of storm water

Premier Tanks Pumping Stations in Glenboy

Premier Tanks supplies a wide range of high quality Pumping Stations to meet all requirements in Glenboy. The come with single or twin pumping chambers, for use on single or three phase electricity supplies depending on our particular requirements.

The Pumping Stations range from 60 litres to 20,000 litres, and are made from high quality virgin resin and glass. Glass fibre pumping stations have several benefits including:

•Tough and long lasting
•Resistant to shock, temperature fluctuations, and impact
•Lightweight and easy to install
•Corrosion free and resistant to chemical degradation when exposed to raw sewage
•Require little maintenance and are very cost effective

Benefits of Premier Tanks Pumping Stations

•Variable invert depths and orientations to match all site conditions
•Pre-assembled pipework with fully automated operation
•Keying-in lips for easy installation
•Designed to BSEN752 electrical and hydrostatic standards
•Designed to BSEN12050 structural strength and water tight standards
•Standard high level alarm
•Smooth internal walls and integral wells to eliminate dead spots which can cause odours, and to improve efficiency of the pump
•Robust design with heavy duty pumps and pear drop floats

Premier Tanks Pumping Stations Specifications

We provide 3 main types of Pumping Stations:

•Horizontal pump chambers for large commercial and industrial developments
•Vertical pump chambers for small commercial developments and projects
•Marmicro for smaller flows from single dwellings

Horizontal pump chamber specifications:

•63mm outlet diameter
•800mm inlet invert distance
•300mm outlet invert distance
•110mm inlet diameter for AT2800, AT3800 and AT4500
•160mm inlet diameter for AT6000, AT8000, AT10000, AT12000, AT14000, AT16000, AT18000, AT20000


•AT2800 - 2800 L, 3000 x 1250 x 1750 mm
•AT3800 - 3800 L, 4000 x 1250 x 1750 mm
•AT4500 - 4500 L, 2650 x 1600 x 2100 mm
•AT6000- 6000 L, 2950 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT8000 - 8000 L, 3640 x 1900 x 2400 mm.
•AT10000 - 10 000 L, 4200 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT12000 - 12 000 L, 5200 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT14000 - 14 000 L, 5840 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT16000 - 16 000 L, 6700 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT18000 - 18 000 L, 7500 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•AT20000 - 20 000 L, 8100 x 1900 x 2400 mm

Vertical pump chamber specifications:

•110mm inlet diameter
•63mm outlet diameter
•300mm outlet invert distance
•500mm inlet invert distance for CPS1, Mini, Midi and Max
•700mm inlet invert distance for CPS 2
•900mm inlet invert distance for CPS3, CPS4, CPS5 and CPS6

Below invert capacities:

•CPS1: 470 L
•CPS2: 780 L
•CPS3: 1025 L
•CPS4: 1340 L
•CPS5: 2440 L
•CPS6: 4000 L
•Mini: 120 L
•Midi: 280 L
•Maxi: 421 L

Marmicro pump chamber specifications:

•110mm inlet diameter
•63mm outlet diameter
•350mm inlet invert distance
•250mm outlet invert distance


•Marmicro Single - 270 L capacity, 700 x 740 x 840 mm
•Marmicro Twin - 550 L capacity, 1270 x 740 x 840 mm

Premier Tanks stocks Pumping Stations at high levels to meet every size of domestic, commercial or industrial order in Glenboy. We further provide excellent technical support and service, and deliver within 4 days of receiving your order. Call us today on 0333 121 1216 for more information, or to conveniently place your order over the phone.