Grease Traps in Herring's Green

Waste water from commercial and residential properties in Herring's Green must be properly treated before being discharged into the sewerage system or drainage fields. Failure to do this can lead to environmental degradation and pollution. Furthermore, health and environmental regulations require domestic, commercial and industrial facilities to comply with sewerage treatment guidelines or face legal penalties.

High Quality Grease Traps in Herring's Green

Grease traps are an important part of wastewater treatment in Herring's Green. They help to prevent grease, fats and solid organic wastes from entering the drainage field or Herring's Green sewerage system. This minimises their negative impact on all parts of the drainage and sewerage system including pipes, interceptors, drains and soakaway. Fats and grease are responsible for regular blockages of drains, leading to expensive service interruptions and high maintenance costs.

Premier Tanks supply high quality grease traps that are ideal for use in a variety of properties in Herring's Green including:

•Restaurants, hotels and guest houses
•Hospitals and healthcare facilities
•Schools and other educational institutions
•Pubs, fast foods, and commercial kitchens
•Food processing factories
•Industrial and manufacturing facilities

Benefits of Premier Tanks grease traps

•Improve the quality of effluent for better environmental performance
•Eliminate bad odours
•Prevent disruption of sewerage or wastewater flow
•Can be installed on new systems or retrofitted to older ones
•Require no dosing
•Minimise costs of drainage clean-ups
•Prolong the life of drainage fields
•Improve performance of sewerage treatment plants
•Require little maintenance

Premier Tanks grease traps specifications

Each chamber of the grease trap has an integral baffle plate and Polylok Filter to prevent grease and fats from going into the drainage channel. The grease traps all come with an inlet diameter of 110mm as standard.

They are designed for external use only, and are made to conform to the European EN1825 design standard for grease separators, which takes into account:

•Maximum flow rate over a 24hr period
•Maximum water temperature
•Grease and fats density
•Role of cleaning agents

Our grease traps come with the following specifications to suit ever commercial or industrial requirement:

•MAR Kitchen Mate: 365L, 780 x 780 x 610 mm/150 servings per day
•MAR Kitchen Master: 480L, 780 x 780 x 840 mm/200 servings per day
•MAR Kitchen King: 700L, 1500 x 780 x 610 mm/300 servings per day
•MAR Brand+: 1000L, 1000 x 1100 mm diameter/400 servings per day
•MAR 1+: 1300L, 1000 x 1500 mm diameter/500 servings per day
•MAR Fog 1+: 1750L, 2000 x 1100 mm diameter/500 servings per day
•MAR Fog 2+: 3850L, 2000 x 1700 mm diameter/1000 servings per day

Premier Tanks stocks every product at high levels so as to meet every domestic, commercial or industrial order in Herring's Green. We ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet every building and environmental regulation in Herring's Green.

We have a highly trained technical team to offer support, advice and product recommendations to every client. Call us today on 0333 121 1216 for more information, or order and have your grease traps delivered to you in Herring's Green within days of placing your order.